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The British Columbia Mortgage Group welcomes all first-time home buyers and existing home owners alike, offering expert financial consultation services and the best rates on mortgages, loans and insurance available. Connect with one of our mortgage brokers, learn why choosing a mortgage professional over a bank is the smartest thing you can do with your money, or apply for a mortgage right now.



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Find out how much income is required to purchase your new home. If you don't feel you quite meet the income requirements, talk to one of our expert brokers who will lead you in the right direction. Whether you're a first-time or experienced home buyer, we'll provide you with the best mortgage options and rates available.


Speak with one of our experienced brokers to help you decide if refinancing your mortgage suits your needs. We make the process of refinancing home loans easy, and will provide you with a manageable way to pull out needed equity for any of your needs, such as home improvements, investments and debt consolidation.


Is your home mortgage up for renewal? No problem. We'll re-negotiate for the best renewal rate available, ensuring that you save the most money possible each year. Our professional brokers are here to offer you the expertise and resources you need so you can take advantage of the current mortgage market.

  • Why use a mortgage professional?

    As mortgage professionals, we will guide you through the mortgage process and all of your available options, allowing you to make an informed decision based on your current and future financial needs. Having one of our mortgage experts in your corner can be the difference between making a decision and making the right decision.

    Essentially, When multiple lenders compete for your mortgage, you will almost always end up getting a lower interest rate than what is currently being offered by the major banks, who can only offer you their own mortgage products. At British Columbia Mortgage Group, you can rest assured with both confidence and security in knowing that we will provide you with the best mortgage solution in today's competitive market.

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    Using our online application form, you can get the mortgage application process started in minutes. We'll review your application details and get in touch with you by the following business day to finalize the process and help you become approved. Feel free to use our convenient Mortgage Payment Calculator to assist you in determining your estimated mortgage and interest payments.

    If you have any questions or concerns about any aspects of the application process or would like to book an appointment with us to instead go over the application in person, don't hesitate to contact us. One of our experienced brokers will break down the application process for you and help you prepare all of the necessary documents needed to get started. We look forward to helping you achieve your dreams!

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